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Christmas Advent Paper Bird Ornaments


Lynne: I have always liked the old-fashioned glass bird ornaments with the real tail feathers, and for my third ornament of the season I thought I would like to do something with birds.

A couple of years ago my sister, Cheri, found an illustrated ABC book of birds published in 1916 and I was so awestruck by the illustrations, she gave the book to me. After a search online I found this tutorial for making paper bird ornaments:
Bird Ornaments from Country Living

I scanned my ABC book’s pages into Photoshop, sharpened and brightened the images and then printed them onto card stock.

I cut each one out with small scissors and an x-acto knife being careful to preserve as many details as possible. The edges were white and a little ragged from the cuts so I ran a black Sharpie around the edges to hide the white and to outline the shape of the bird.
I put a small grommet in the top of the bird and used fishing line for a hanger. I like fishing line because it is nearly invisible when an ornament is hung.

The ornament was so light weight, it floated oddly in the air and did not sit in its space properly. I have a plastic jug full of old curtain weights and I taped one weight to the back of each figure. Now they move as they should. I thought about sealing the birds with Mod Podge, but I liked the old worn patina they have. I can make more if these wear out or are damaged.

These ornaments were not too hard and I like that they can be used after the holidays. I’m going to replace the curtain weights with a piece of magnetic strip and put them on my refrigerator.
Have a happy ornament-making holiday.




Erector/Steampunk tree

120913 006

Cheri-This tree was very simple and if you have an old Erector Set you can make as many trees as you want.

I adore Erector Sets and when I was little, my brother would build me little doll carriages out of his set.  I thought he was the most awesome brother that ever existed. Too bad he doesn’t have them anymore.

These happen to be some odds and ends that I picked up at a sale, they have the  most amazing patina. I ran screws down the center to create a color contrast.

My only regret is, these were the only ones I found.

I don’t think anyone will need detailed instructions because it really is self explanatory.

Hope you like it. And, you can never have too many odds and ends. Merry Christmas!

Close up of Christmas ball earrings.

Christmas Advent: Tree Pendant and Christmas Ball Earrings

I had to make a necklace and earring set for myself for Christmas this year. I realized that I do not have any holiday jewelry and that just seemed to be a very strange oversight on my part. So, here are my Christmas ball earrings and tree pendant. I am really happy with how they turned out. I did a happy dance!

Pic of tree pendant and Christmas ball earrings

I used sterling silver 18 gauge wire for the tree and ball shapes, 26 gauge for the garlands, and 21 gauge for the ear wires. I have some really pretty glass red florets, glass green diamond shapes, and silver delicas that I used to make the garlands.

Close up of tree pendant

The pendant was a lot of fun to make. I just used a pair of flat-nose pliers to make the shape, bending it until I liked the general style.

Close up of Christmas ball earrings.

I just love the Christmas ball earrings. I did hammer the 18-gauge wire after I made the ball shapes.

I am so happy with how these turned out and will be wearing them to work tomorrow (probably every other day until Christmas too).

Happy Crafting,


Easy Scrapbook Paper Star Garland


Loryn:  This scrapbook paper garland is so easy to make! All you need is a few sheets of paper, a star-shaped punch, glue, and fishing line, nylon thread, or any other white/clear cord to glue your paper to (even dental floss if you’re crafting late at night and grab the first thing you can find!).


The first step is to cut stars out with your punch.


Then fold two in half and glue the halves together. For this garland, I used two pieces of the same color and an accent for each bauble.


Then put your thread or fishing line into the fold and glue the third star onto the first two. That’s it! Just repeat to make the garland as long as you want. I don’t know how many stars I used for this. A lot!

— Loryn