To be continued…

the real world waits I hesitate
then fill my palm with the curve where
your shoulder becomes bone and rests there
memorizing that shape

I memorize that curve that shape
begin my search along the edge
of your ribs for that one odd ridge
corduroyed by some football scrape

falling off this corduroyed ridge
my hand slips into that hollow
arch of hip and rib softly slow
gliding lazy from edge to edge

the rise of your breath checks the glide
and I lift my hand from your hips
to place my fingers on your lips
stilling the sound of your reply

the sound of your reply still lies
on your lips stopped by a single
touch, electricity tingles
and I close my eyes

I close my eyes to hear the rasp
of the night’s stubble on your chin
as I trace the shape of your grin
teeth catch my fingers and I gasp

when your lips settle into that
smirk pretending an innocence
your arms belie, insouciance
becomes you

I laugh and pleased by my delight
you amuse with roller coasters,
Chicago and alka-seltzer
a tale too silly to describe

imagine an amusement ride
and a small boy all flailing arms
mouth foaming like a rabid dog
a tale too silly to describe

we lie skin to skin warmed by
faint touch and camaraderie
completely filled by quiet ease

when I try to smooth the stray tuft
that stands white against your forehead
I feel the caress of soft breath
on my breast

your head on my breast I let
my fingers rim that curve of ear
and find the scar where catching air
the bicycle stopped but you left

earth sky earth sky just a cartwheel
spinning on a predetermined
axis and like the splintered glass
you came down piecemeal

‘not piecemeal’ you grin mostly healed
the car parked by a yellow curb
in the path of that precise curve
carved you but you took its windshield