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Goblin Ball Halloween Costumes Pt. 3

Happy Halloween (again and again) to all our readers who celebrate this weekend (and Monday)!

This year as stated in my previous posts here and here we decided to be attendees to the Goblin Ball, from the movie Labyrinth and here is an excellent video of the ball scene (and yes, that is David Bowie as Jareth, the Goblin King).

I have talked all about the creation of our fun costumes, now for the unveiling.

Halloween Full Dress
Photo courtesy of my M-I-L.

We stopped at several friends houses and my M-I-L’s house before heading out on the town. My M-I-L took the above photo. There should have been some more photos by her, but my camera died just after she took one photo. So, we waited until after the night was over to take some more, and, as you can see, the costumes held up really well.

Halloween Full Dress
I love that drawstring purse. It worked great!

I do have to say that my feet really hurt in those shoes. I don’t wear pointy-toed shoes and my poor toes just did not like them, but it was endurable and they did look quite perfect with the dress. I had not planned to wear any jewelry, but that necklace just finished the outfit off perfectly. It is also courtesy of my M-I-L (she also supplied the shoe buckles).

Halloween Full Dress
Wish I had noticed that his socks needed to be pulled up.

My SO looked great. He had a lot of comments about his mask. Several people thought he was supposed to be a plague doctor (they wore these long filtered masks that were supposed to keep the germs out). He put two of my unused feather ornaments in the cuffs of his jacket and it was just the right touch. I made him a sash from the same velvet as my shawl and purse. We looked pretty good together.

Halloween 2011 Full Dress
My shawl that really did help keep me warm!
Halloween Full Dress
Here you can see the feather ornaments in my hair.

I was really happy with how the costumes turned out and we had a great time last night. Bloomington is a great town to be in for Halloween. Now what are we going to be next year?

P.S. Massive kudos and thanks to Mom (Lynne) for her magic work on the photos. They look wonderful!

Goblin Ball Halloween Costumes Pt. 2

Happy Halloween (again) to all our readers who celebrate this weekend (and Monday)!

This year my SO and I decided to be attendees to the Goblin Ball, from the movie Labyrinth and here is an excellent video of the ball scene (and yes, that is David Bowie as Jareth, the Goblin King).

In my previous post I talked about and had pictures of our masks. This post is all about the rest of my costume. I will start from the top!

My hair is going to be huge. I have some blonde spray to put some streaks in it and made these wonderful feather clips to add volume, color and texture.

Photo of feather hair ornaments.

Photo of feather hair ornaments.

Photo of feather hair ornaments.

Feather Hair Decorations
Feathers wrapped around clips.

They were pretty easy to make. I bought a bunch of alligator clips and wound the feathers on with thread.

My dress was a bit trickier. My SO and I wandered around a bit and finally landed in a costume shop. There wasn’t much on the shelves that wasn’t Leggy Lane (sexy whatever) and I was getting a little disappointed. Then, one of the ever so helpful salespeople told me that since they are planning on moving to another location next year, they are selling as much of their rental costumes as possible so they don’t have to move them. This sounded promising and there it was, the perfect ballgown type dress. And even better, it needed some work which meant I could negotiate a price.

Photo of ball gown costume.

After talking to the owner of the costume shop (and making sure he saw the tears and problems), I got the dress for $15. I didn’t have to put too much work into it, it needed cleaned pretty badly and a couple of seams had ripped. So, thankful for polyester, I threw the dress in the wash, stitched up the seams and ironed it and it looks pretty good.

Photo of ball gown costume.

Photo of ball gown costume.

As Halloween was going to be a cold night I knew that I would be grateful for a wrap of some sort to put over my shoulders. I decided to splurge a bit and made myself a shawl of velvet and brocade with some pretty lace that I could use for regular use if I was so inclined. It is made of maroon royal velvet and silver brocade and has lace edging and tassels at the end corners.

Photo of velvet and brocade cape.

Close-up photo of lace on the velvet and brocade cape.

Under the dress was a little more interesting. I will state here that if I had any idea how hard tulle is to work with, I would have bought a crinoline (although I do like what I made much better than what I saw in the costume shop). For this, I looked at patterns before I made it. It came out pretty well, and I now have an off-white crinoline if anyone needs to borrow one.

Photo of crinoline.
It is so pale in color that it makes it a little hard to see here.

My only problem now was that the dress was really just a little too short for me and the crinoline really showed at the bottom. It wasn’t unattractive, just not what I had in mind. I thought, why not make any underskirt that would hide the crinoline and match the dress. I decided to make it out of some pretty green organza that has little sparklies all over it that I found at Joann’s (I have been to Joann’s practically every day for the past week).

Photo of organza underskirt.

Close-up photo of sparklies in organza underskirt.
Here you can see the sparklies in the organza.

This brings us down to my shoes. I wanted something that would have a Victorian era (not that our costumes are even remotely accurate to the era), but wouldn’t cost much. One more trip to Goodwill found me the perfect shoes, in bright blue. This wasn’t a deterrent for me at all, especially as these are the dye-able type of shoes. I bought some fabric paint and painted those suckers gold and voila! The perfect shoes.

Now to make them even better, my M-I-L had these gorgeous rhinestone shoe buckles that are absolutely perfect. I love my family!

Photo of shoes.
You can still see a little of the bright blue color they were originally on the inside of the shoes.
Close-up photo of shoe buckles.

After all this, last night I was considering how on earth I was going to carry around any personal effects and decided to make up a quick drawstring purse to match.

Photo of drawstring purse.

Close-up photo of eyelets on drawstring purse.
Here you can see the gold eyelets.

I cut a round piece from the same velvet and brocade used to make the shawl, sewed them right sides together, turned it (like a pillow), stitched the edges flat, made a medallion of cardboard for the inside and outside covered with the same fabric to give it shape (which I then stitched together), used some gold eyelets for the drawstring, threaded with some black cord and voila again! A great little purse for my cards and chapstick (and some touch-up makeup).

I cannot wait for tonight! I will post pictures of both myself and my SO all done up. This is going to be so much fun!

Goblin Ball Halloween Costumes Pt. 1

Happy Halloween to all our readers who celebrate this weekend (and Monday)! My SO and I have a particular fondness for this particular holiday. Not for any specific reason other than we like to come up with good costumes. This year, after some serious debate and wishy-washiness, we decided to be attendees to the Goblin Ball. For those of you who are devout Brian Froud and Terry Jones fans and who love the movie Labyrinth, you should know what I am talking about. For those who don’t know what I am referring to (or who have forgotten, after all, the movie is getting a little old now), here is an excellent video of the ball scene from the movie (and yes, that is David Bowie as the Goblin King).

The most time consuming part of this was trying to decide how we would go about creating our costumes and how much of an homage we wanted to pay to the creators. We ended up doing our own versions of two guests at the ball with a little more color added as we were no longer just background scenery for Sarah and Jareth.

The masks were the first things we started discussing and working out designs. My SO based his on a raven king plastic mask found at the costume shop while mine is based on a paper-mache (papier-mâché) domino mask found at the same costume shop. Then we added lots more paper-mache and plaster to complete our goblin masks.

My goblin mask before painting.
My goblin mask before painting.
My goblin mask after painting.
My goblin mask after painting.

Front view of my goblin mask.

At this point (for my mask much more so than his) there was quite a bit of carving to do to get a sinister, craggy face. With a dremel tool and some clay carving tools I had left over from an old art class, we proceeded to make an absolute mess on our kitchen table and floor. After some agony and repairs done by my SO to my mask, we both finally had something that we really liked. My SO painted his with a tea stain and mine he painted green, then overlaid that with a darker pearlescent green. Overall, my SO finished his mask in about a day and a half, and we worked on mine for about the same amount of time in total.

If you haven’t figured our between the lines, the masks were mostly done by my SO. He is an excellent artist and crafts-person when it comes to plaster and painting. He used to make the scenery and set pieces for the table-top role-playing games he played.

His goblin mask.
His goblin mask.

Side view of his goblin mask.

Front view of his goblin mask.

Our costumes were a bit more difficult to come up with and I will dedicate a whole other post to those tomorrow. We are definitely going to have some fun tomorrow night! I will certainly post some pictures of us in our completed costumes.

Daily Squiggle

SquiggleCome quick. It’s the aurora borealis.

I used markers and colored pencils on this squiggle. The shading in the pants is not as smooth as I like, but the texture of the paper has that effect. Markers tend to fill in the valleys of the paper as in the shirt. Yet, I do like the glitter on her pants. Maybe it’s the reflection of the northern lights.