Goblin Ball Halloween Costumes Pt. 3

Happy Halloween (again and again) to all our readers who celebrate this weekend (and Monday)!

This year as stated in my previous posts here and here we decided to be attendees to the Goblin Ball, from the movie Labyrinth and here is an excellent video of the ball scene (and yes, that is David Bowie as Jareth, the Goblin King).

I have talked all about the creation of our fun costumes, now for the unveiling.

Halloween Full Dress
Photo courtesy of my M-I-L.

We stopped at several friends houses and my M-I-L’s house before heading out on the town. My M-I-L took the above photo. There should have been some more photos by her, but my camera died just after she took one photo. So, we waited until after the night was over to take some more, and, as you can see, the costumes held up really well.

Halloween Full Dress
I love that drawstring purse. It worked great!

I do have to say that my feet really hurt in those shoes. I don’t wear pointy-toed shoes and my poor toes just did not like them, but it was endurable and they did look quite perfect with the dress. I had not planned to wear any jewelry, but that necklace just finished the outfit off perfectly. It is also courtesy of my M-I-L (she also supplied the shoe buckles).

Halloween Full Dress
Wish I had noticed that his socks needed to be pulled up.

My SO looked great. He had a lot of comments about his mask. Several people thought he was supposed to be a plague doctor (they wore these long filtered masks that were supposed to keep the germs out). He put two of my unused feather ornaments in the cuffs of his jacket and it was just the right touch. I made him a sash from the same velvet as my shawl and purse. We looked pretty good together.

Halloween 2011 Full Dress
My shawl that really did help keep me warm!
Halloween Full Dress
Here you can see the feather ornaments in my hair.

I was really happy with how the costumes turned out and we had a great time last night. Bloomington is a great town to be in for Halloween. Now what are we going to be next year?

P.S. Massive kudos and thanks to Mom (Lynne) for her magic work on the photos. They look wonderful!

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