Monthly Archives: January 2016

Words Flow Free

open your doors ram your way through
dam the truth and tell known lies
wait for the sun to hold the sky
while words with words color you blue

words with words will color you blue
and therein lies the battered core
once grief begins to open doors
one weeps because these debts come due

one weeps when buried debts come due
life does not love the stoic face
nor hates the tears that leave their trace
but let’s us slide beneath the truth

I write because these words must be
grief unbound allowed to flow free

to dance with time

to squander inept without words
meters worth of rhymes with four feet
counted lines unaligned too neat
meanings too vain to be assured

too vain to be assured meanings
waltz to a double-time foxtrot
unaware their two left feet fought
semantic wars with tired schemings

with tired schemings semantic wars
roared thoughtless groaning through the night
weeping—words, we need words for light
to fill our poems’ verse with more

four lines groping through studied rhyme
a quatrain forced to dance with time