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Daily Squiggle

cartoon elephant squiggle colored pencil
An elephant walks wherever it wants in the world of squiggles. That may be true here, too.

This squiggle is done entirely with colored pencils. I wanted to experiment with the grey color and wrinkling hide of an elephant. I used blue, orange, yellow and purple for an interesting effect. Not quite the grey I was looking for but interesting.

Elephants never cease to amaze me. That may be why they turn up so often in my squiggles.


Daily Squiggle

Cartoon Squiggle Colored Pencil Drawing
Was that two outflung arms by sea?

I like the juxtaposition of the blue of the shirt and the yellow orange of the hair in this squiggle. I was working on the folds and creases of clothing. And there is some attempt at background.

Perhaps this squiggle woman works in the squiggle signal corps.


Daily Squiggle

Cartoon Squiggle Art Drawing Colored Pencil

Here is another lady with a hat, but more in my style. I’m still working on light and shadow and I can see now that there is some confusion going on in the arms.

The colors are based on violet with red and blue shifting their emphasis in the hat and blouse. I used marker as a base and colored pencil for shading.

Who knows where squiggles run, but this woman looks happy to be going there.


Daily Squiggle

Squiggle Project 365 Charles Carter Cartoon
She marches to her own drummer.

This is my version of a Charles C. Carter painting called Roxanne in Mauve that we discussed in our critique group with Teri Partridge a couple of weeks ago.

The hat is such an intriguing part of the painting, I felt that I wanted it to be the center of my sketch. It seems to do as well as a skirt as it does as a hat. I also wanted the lines of the hair to be repeated in the pattern of the shoes.

The color is done with colored pencil and marker. I used a more sophisticated color scheme than usual in my squiggles, but she is a high society woman. She may be signaling to her private jet in this photo. I’ll have to go check.


Daily Squiggle

Cartoon Art Squiggle Colored Pencil
Kristin walking the boardwalk at Indiana Dunes State Park.

Lynne: This is page from a notebook I kept while we were camping in the Indiana Dunes State Park. It’s not really a squiggle, but I find that I can draw better if I just get some approximate marks on the paper. It started out as a Kristin-sized squiggle then I smoothed the lines into a more realistic look.

It has been cold, here, and I have been too long from a warm sun. This drawing makes me warmer remembering a mile-long stretch of boardwalk through a green glade of swamp.

Daily Squiggle

Squiggle scribble cartoon colored pencil.
Softball may be over in the colder climes, but squiggles play year round.

Lynne: I was thinking about Christmas when I drew this. I used the complement pair red and green and tossed in the yellow softball to show the changes from red through orange to yellow.

Most of this is done with marker. It’s much less forgiving than pencil and is more difficult for me to get the nuances of shading. That is one of my goals for 2012–to learn more about shading with less fuss.

Daily Squiggle

Daily Squiggle
Shell from a warm sandy beach.

Lynne: I did this squiggle at a class given by Teri Partridge. We were to draw the altered edges of a shell. I’ve included the pencil drawing and the squiggle I did later.

I use a mechanical pencil with 2B lead and a a blending tool when I do a graphite drawing. The squiggle is done with Caran d’Ache colored pencils. The color of these pencils seems to go on thicker than the Prismacolors and need entirely different techniques when blending–which I am trying to learn.

Daily Squiggle

Daily Squiggle
Stop! No one but squiggles are allowed in here.

Lynne: I used colored pencils for this squiggle. I was mainly interested in drawing her right hand with the palm outward. I tried to use my own hand as a reference for this pose, but the angle is just a little wrong. I had to find a model.

Blue and orange are the main complementary colors. I like to go simple on color when I am working on perspective.