Daily Squiggle

Cartoon Art Squiggle Colored Pencil
Kristin walking the boardwalk at Indiana Dunes State Park.

Lynne: This is page from a notebook I kept while we were camping in the Indiana Dunes State Park. It’s not really a squiggle, but I find that I can draw better if I just get some approximate marks on the paper. It started out as a Kristin-sized squiggle then I smoothed the lines into a more realistic look.

It has been cold, here, and I have been too long from a warm sun. This drawing makes me warmer remembering a mile-long stretch of boardwalk through a green glade of swamp.

2 thoughts on “Daily Squiggle

  1. I love this one! And not because it is of me, but that boardwalk was so neat (and needed some work due to flooding). I can’t wait until this summer!

  2. Remember we left our warm sleeping bags, packed some finger food in the camera case, filled our water bottles and tackled the hike? Three hours later we made it back. The lookout over the marsh was kind of awesome. All the birds were gone though. Looking for warmer climes. Still the sun was warm.

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