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Daily Squiggle

cartoon elephant squiggle colored pencil
An elephant walks wherever it wants in the world of squiggles. That may be true here, too.

This squiggle is done entirely with colored pencils. I wanted to experiment with the grey color and wrinkling hide of an elephant. I used blue, orange, yellow and purple for an interesting effect. Not quite the grey I was looking for but interesting.

Elephants never cease to amaze me. That may be why they turn up so often in my squiggles.


Daily Squiggle

Cartoon Squiggle Colored Pencil Drawing
Was that two outflung arms by sea?

I like the juxtaposition of the blue of the shirt and the yellow orange of the hair in this squiggle. I was working on the folds and creases of clothing. And there is some attempt at background.

Perhaps this squiggle woman works in the squiggle signal corps.


Squiggle Drawing Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelet made from drawings

Cheri: I thought I would post a few of the items that I made for my sis and my nieces for Christmas. I will start with the bracelet that I made for my sis.

Lynne does a squiggle usually daily, she then goes on to create a character or a person, or even a thing and then works on her color and shading of the squiggle. I especially love her squiggles and look forward to seeing them each day.

When I think about making something for someone, I try to consider what I would like to receive. I know my sister likes bracelets so I was pretty sure that I wanted to make her a bracelet. When I thought about it a little more, I realized that her squiggles would be awesome shrunk down and made into a bracelet for her.

I bought a bracelet blank at Hobby Lobby. I then copied her squiggles from our blog and shrunk them down to size. I chose which ones I wanted to use and cut them out. I then glued them to a small piece of card stock and then glued all of that to the blanks. After I was sure that these were dry, I filled the blanks with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic medium. There are a lot of other resins that can be used but I really wanted a medium that would be very low fuss.

I am really quite proud of how it turned out and she really loved it.

Daily Squiggle

Daily Squiggle
Shell from a warm sandy beach.

Lynne:¬†I did this squiggle at a class given by Teri Partridge. We were to draw the altered edges of a shell. I’ve included the pencil drawing and the squiggle I did later.

I use a mechanical pencil with 2B lead and a a blending tool when I do a graphite drawing. The squiggle is done with Caran d’Ache colored pencils. The color of these pencils seems to go on thicker than the Prismacolors and need entirely different techniques when blending–which I am trying to learn.