Daily Squiggle

Cartoon Squiggle Colored Pencil Drawing
Was that two outflung arms by sea?

I like the juxtaposition of the blue of the shirt and the yellow orange of the hair in this squiggle. I was working on the folds and creases of clothing. And there is some attempt at background.

Perhaps this squiggle woman works in the squiggle signal corps.


3 thoughts on “Daily Squiggle

  1. I love this one Lynne. Does juxtaposition mean that the hair and the shirt are almost shaped alike? I noticed that right off. It’s neat the way that came out. It looks neater the longer you look at it once you’ve seen it. Did that make sense?? LOL! I also see the tiny creases in the pantleg right above the knee. That’s sort of a first for you. Are you going to have complete pictures after all? You did say you felt like they were never finished. How far do you need to go to have them be finished? I can’t wait to find out along with you!!

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