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Daily Squiggle

cartoon elephant squiggle colored pencil
An elephant walks wherever it wants in the world of squiggles. That may be true here, too.

This squiggle is done entirely with colored pencils. I wanted to experiment with the grey color and wrinkling hide of an elephant. I used blue, orange, yellow and purple for an interesting effect. Not quite the grey I was looking for but interesting.

Elephants never cease to amaze me. That may be why they turn up so often in my squiggles.


Daily Squiggle

Elephant, mouse and butterfly.
This elephant is not afraid of mice and loves butterflies.

I did this squiggle of the elephant using only red, blue and yellow color pencils. This was before I used black to bring out some depth and I can see how that would help. I do like the way though that not all of the color is blended. This does add some depth and lots of texture.

The mouse and the butterfly are a combination of marker and pencil. They are there because the elephant was lonely.