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Putting Lipstick on a Pig

Jake: Long time reader, first time writer.

I’m Cheri’s son, and am quite literally addicted to cars. I’ve owned six cars since I was sixteen, and am now almost tenty-two. Most, actually none, of my cars have ever been showroom worthy. But I’ve always managed to trade up for something “better”. Currently I own a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. The word “limited” is fancy automotive talk for many more problems and a horrific color scheme, black and gold.

1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Now, I truly do love my Jeep and it is definitely a labor of love to keep it going. As of right now, it runs great even with 198,000 miles on the clock! But I’ve also already changed the starter, all four brakes, tires, transfer case, heater core, grill, spark plugs, spark plug wires, cap and rotor, and an occasional brake light or two.

Being a product of this family, and my mother, who never ceases to amaze me with her ability to turn anything into art and seemingly spends as little money as possible, I decided to take a look at altering the look of my Jeep for, in my opinion, the better. Being a youngster and wanting a flashy and unique car to drive, I decided I would have a go at altering the color scheme on the wheels. At the moment they’re this horrendous silver color with gold accents on the spokes. Quite flashy indeed, but definitely not my style.

Limited Rim
(Picture taken from the internet)

At my place of employment, we just started selling a nifty little product called Plasti-Dip in its aeresol form. Originally the plastic based paint was meant to be used for tools that had lost their rubber coating on the handles. Just recently it became an aerosol spray, which has given it endless applications. Without the budget or want to spend the money on new wheels, and being an apathetic young adult, I decided to try it out. The least amount of work, the better! After some research and time spent on online forums, I came to the conclusion that I could obtain the results that I wanted.

A couple of weekends ago, with nothing to do, I decided to set my plan in action and purchase some of this plasti-dip for the low low price of $5.97 a can. Before actually attempting to paint my rims currently on my Jeep, I decided it would be good to test on my spare tire.

With the spare tire out of my Jeep and laying flat on a piece of corrugated plastic, I cleaned it with some general use cleaning wipes. Since the tire was a spare, it had never seen any life under the Jeep and was practically spotless. I had purchased some masking tape at a local dollar store and attempted to tape paper towels around the rim to keep paint off of the tire. Since this tape was purchased at a dollar store, It clearly did not work. With that “least amount of work” ethic, present, I decided to hell with the tape and laid down my first light coat of the Plasti-Dip. I kept the spray can about twelve inches from the rim. My rims are quite detailed and I had to approach the rim at different angles to get every nook and cranny. After four coats, I deemed the rim worthy and let it dry over night. In the morning, I viewed the rim in the light and was surprised with the outcome, and how good it looked. The paint dries evenly, so overspray isn’t a huge problem.

Plasti-Dipped Rim

The very next weekend, I set out to complete the set and finish all of the rims. Using my grandmothers garage in exchange for manual labor, finishing up the rims took about three hours total.

Front Half Finished

I believe the weekend project was a huge success, and am astonished at the outcome of the wheels. They look 100% better than they used to, and I’ve received quite a few compliments from Jeep admirers. Thanks for reading!

Next up, re-covering my headliner.

Blue Cube and Pearl Necklace Set

Finishing Projects: Blue Cube and Pearl Necklace and Earring Set

I have so many unfinished projects. I was looking through the pile of them with my mother-in-law last weekend and I couldn’t believe how much material I had there. So much of it needed to be cut up completely. However, some of it just needed to be finished. I pulled a few pieces out and am really making an effort to get them finished and here is the first finished project!

Blue Cube and Pearl Necklace Set

The necklace is made with sterling silver for the wraps and clasp, dark blue/teal pearl beads for the front part of the necklace and clear blue cube beads for the back part of the necklace.

I just loved the clear blue cube beads and knew when I bought them that I wanted to wire wrap them in a strand. I started this necklace about 2 years ago and since then, I add another cube bead every now and then, but I was never quite happy with how simplistic the blue cube beads looked by themselves. I bought the blue/teal pearls last year and looked at them a lot with no real idea what to do with them. I started putting them together and just love how the finished necklace turned out! The contrast of the dark pearl with the light blue cubes just pleases me immensely.

Blue Cube and Pearl Necklace Set

Of course, I had to make earrings to go with the necklace. I like making matching sets of jewelry. I really like the trio of pearls below the cube bead. They swing and bounce quite happily when worn.

Blue Cube and Pearl Necklace Clasp

I also made the clasp. I decided I wanted something with a little more oomph than my standard clasp and made an almond-shaped clasp that had a blue cube bead wrapped in the eye half of the the clasp. I really liked how it turned out and will probably make more clasps like this one in the future.

So, one unfinished project down, an infinite more to go. Mom (Craftysister Lynne) suggested I make a list and cross off my newly finished project, but I said that would just remind me of how many unfinished projects I still have yet to complete.

Blue Cube and Pearl Necklace

Happy crafting,


Cootie Insect Collection Specimen Box

Craft Crafty Sisters Cootie framed picture specimen collection
Framed cootie scientific specimen box to hang on your walls.


I picked up a box of Cooties last year at a garage sale. I had a plan and it didn’t involve playing the game. I like the look of insect displays, but I don’t  want to have a real insect display. I could have a Cootie display though.

After inspecting the cootie, I felt that I should split the thorax and head. There is a seam that runs along the two pieces and if you carefully insert a flat screwdriver into it, it will pop apart with a little effort. I took the front pieces of the thorax and head and worked with them in the specimen box and chose the placement.

I did have a bit of difficulty when it came time to attach the legs to the thorax, so I decided to hot glue the legs on to the thorax and glued it in place. I then hot glued the head, antenna and the tongue in place. I then cut a scrap of paper and hand wrote “Cootie” to make it look like it was a real insect specimen and pinned it in place.

This was such a fun project. I think I really like it because it is unexpected yet it is expected.

Insect Collection Craft Handmade DIY
Cootie insect collection.