Lake Michigan Rock Necklace

Rock pendant necklace and initial.
Rock with wire initial and ball chain necklace.

Cheri: On to Kristin’s gift. Kristin and Lynne went to Lake Michigan several months ago to camp and had a fantastic time. Lynne brought me back some rocks as I am a pretty avid rock lover.

The rocks were really nice and flat and round. I was very intrigued by them because I had just read a tutorial on how to drill rocks on craftgawker and I felt that I really needed to try it out. It was a little touch and go, but I did manage to get holes in several of them.

As I looked at the rocks, I knew that I wanted to make Kristin a necklace. I also wanted to make it a little more personal, so I made a “K” out of wire and then flattened the wire. I looped the initial into the hole with a jump ring. I had a ball chain that I thought looked very nice with the wire and put that on it.

It would also look pretty cool with a thin piece of leather cord. I was really pleased with how it turned out and I think Kristin was really thrilled with it too.

Beach Pebble Wire Initial Necklace
Beach Pebble Initial Necklace

14 thoughts on “Lake Michigan Rock Necklace

  1. I love it! I thought you did an amazing job with very personalized gifts this year. This one just suits me to a tee!

    1. A lot of times I see a project I may want to do and then I have to think about it a little bit. Often I will just go in to Yahoo or Google and pose a question. This is from, I then put in How to Drill Holes in Rocks for craft projects and jewelry. This had some really good information in it.

  2. I use German silver wire. You can get it at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I normally buy 20 gauge. It is really quite cheap and if you make a mistake (I had to make it several times) you don’t feel so bad about having to throw out the wire. German silver wire has a copper core and silver on the outside.

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