Natural Stone Pendants

Labradorite and sterling pendant

Loryn: My favorite jewelry pieces are the ones that Kristin makes me. I especially love pendants, and she made me two beautiful pieces this year. Labradorite is one of my favorite stones, and the simple piece above has beautiful fire. I love her simple treatment of it. It’s shown on my omega chain.

This one is onyx and quartz that is side-drilled at the top. I oohed and aahed over this piece of stone while I was at her house a few months ago, and she didn’t let on that she was already planning a necklace for me! I love how she’s hung it from the bead necklace.

Here you can see the complete onyx necklace. I can wear it with just about anything!

Red coral and sterling necklace

Last year she gave me two great necklaces, too. The one above is red coral, and very dramatic.

Red coral and sterling necklace

Here is the complete coral necklace. I love the vintage vibe that it has.

This last one is a dark gray jasper on a beaded necklace. Another simple, elegant piece that I can wear any time!


2 thoughts on “Natural Stone Pendants

  1. im trying to find out where to buy the posts that srew in or epyoxy into stone after ive drilled the hole . for a necklace. hopefully you can help me since no one wants to give me this information

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