Oh, Rio Rio, Dance Across the Rio Grande

I did the first steps of my dance after placing the order. Each time I checked the tracking and saw the package was one day closer, I danced some more. I even left work a little early so that I could get home first to see the box waiting for me.

There is a new pair of flat-nosed Swanstrom pliers (hurrah!) that I absolutely love. I have needed some good flat-nose pliers as mine no longer close evenly if they ever did. I got a set of 6 diamond core Dremel drill bits in different sizes. Everything else I got was sterling silver. There are two sizes of wire, both round, half-hard. After that, the rest are different types of jumprings.

sterling silver jumprings, ss wire and pliers
Hurrah for Swanstrom!

I was very excited to put the pliers to use. I make my own clasps (mostly simple s-hooks) which explains the need for the 18 gauge ss wire in the photo. I will have to post some photos of some of my stash as that might be more exciting. I have found that my stash seems to grow exponentially and with no real rhyme or reason behind the purchases.


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