Fabric Gluttony

Fabric gluttony
Fabric gluttony

I spent my Saturday organizing my fabric (I just got married, and the entire house is getting reorganized to make room for my husband). I was surprised that it filled 20 boxes. This isn’t a fabric stash, or a collection, it’s fabric gluttony!

About 80% of it is vintage, from garage sales and auctions over the last nine years. There is a box of feedsacks, several boxes of vintage cotton prints, mod 60s canvas, barkcloth, and one box of silk, velvet, and lace. A big part of it came from one sale. Cheri called me on Saturday morning, and said “Estate sale. Fabric. GO NOW.”

When Cheri says that, you listen! It was the estate of a seamstress and milliner. Table after table of beautiful Scottish woolens and retro cotton prints! I spent every dollar I had, filled four boxes, and nearly doubled my collection.

Now that the fabric is sorted, it will be stored in an upstairs closet until I decide where my new craft area will go. It is currently in banker boxes, but they aren’t acid free, so they are a temporary storage solution. I will probably regret the number of boxes as I carry them upstairs! But, now that our only local fabric store has closed, I (and the rest of my crafty family!) will be glad that I have it! Fabric gluttony is a sin I can live with.


3 thoughts on “Fabric Gluttony

  1. Oh Loryn, I also have a fabric stash. Good thing too, now that our fabric store is closed and our super store has none. However, the good news is, the Super Walmart in Kokomo and the one in Wabash, and I heard also the Rochester one, still has the $1.50 a yard bolts. Those are so fantastic a bargain. I love going to dig through it. You can make curtains for a whole room from one of those bolts for less than you could buy one set. Happy hunting! Mel

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