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Well, it is done. The ad is in the paper and the permit is ready to hang on the wall. Our garage sale is tomorrow come strong wind, heavy rain or snow.

With the weather the way it has been for so many weekends, we thought we should gamble on this un-rainy Saturday. The weathermen have agreed that tomorrow is cool and sunny, but I forgot to think about today’s conditions of wind and rain. That means we will be up late and up early to get everything onto the porches, as most of our things are stacked inside to keep them dry.

Most of our items are collectibles. There are a few left from our days selling on eBay, but most are things we have collected and loved. We just need to make room for our new loves picked up from all the garage sales this summer.

The prices are reasonable and we do think ‘to bargain’ is an infinitive with fun attached to its definition. Look for our signs on the high street and we will be ready come strong wind, heavy rain, snow or sleep deprivation.

Oh, Rio Rio, Dance Across the Rio Grande

I did the first steps of my dance after placing the order. Each time I checked the tracking and saw the package was one day closer, I danced some more. I even left work a little early so that I could get home first to see the box waiting for me.

There is a new pair of flat-nosed Swanstrom pliers (hurrah!) that I absolutely love. I have needed some good flat-nose pliers as mine no longer close evenly if they ever did. I got a set of 6 diamond core Dremel drill bits in different sizes. Everything else I got was sterling silver. There are two sizes of wire, both round, half-hard. After that, the rest are different types of jumprings.

sterling silver jumprings, ss wire and pliers
Hurrah for Swanstrom!

I was very excited to put the pliers to use. I make my own clasps (mostly simple s-hooks) which explains the need for the 18 gauge ss wire in the photo. I will have to post some photos of some of my stash as that might be more exciting. I have found that my stash seems to grow exponentially and with no real rhyme or reason behind the purchases.