What A Cat

I lay in bed and struggle to wake up. I have to untwine myself from a few cats and often a dog sleeping by my feet. I try to be gentle, but I do know their reaction time is a lot faster than mine. I am always thankful that I don’t feed them the canned food in the morning, otherwise they would wake me at the crack of dawn. As I fill the cats and dog dishes with “dry food” I start the computer and get ready to post my daily cat picture on Facebook.

About 4 months ago I purchased a book from Amazon called “A Daily Creativity Journal”. This book was written by Noah Scalin, he is the artist that did a skull a day for a year. My daily project evolved into drawing a picture of our cat Link, doing an activity each day. When I started posting these on Facebook, I wrote a back story explaining that I had found a photo album that Link had kept hidden and I was posting some of his pictures. Link has had some awesome adventures so far and still has many, many more to go.

This project has added another dimension to my life. As I drive to work I start thinking about what I want to draw him doing. He has been an astronaut, a race car driver, he has been an actor and appeared in several movies, he has been a monster and occasionally, but rarely, he has been a girl. People have even given me suggestions and sometimes I am able to use them. Each day is a challenge coming up with something new, but it is a happy challenge. In 4 months, I have not missed a picture yet. Even when I come home dead tired and I can’t do anything, I draw a picture of Link. It really is a massive undertaking, but it seems like it is the right direction for me at this time. I hope you enjoy seeing them half as much as I enjoy drawing them.


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