Rose Bowl Vase and BBs

Rose vase and bbs
Rose bowl vase and BBs

I have been working a lot with markers lately and have had them turn up everywhere. I’ve found them embedded in my recliner, strewn across my studio table and in hiding in my pockets. I knew I wanted something that would let me flare the markers outwards so I could see the colors and get to them easily.

After a trip to my china cabinet, I came back with this rose bowl vase. It worked somewhat but I needed something in the bottom to raise the markers higher in the vase. I remembered the BBs I used once for stuffing in a bookmark and poured them very carefully into the glass vase. I did it carefully because glass is one of those things that will surprise you with its strength and with its weaknesses and BBs are heavy for their size.The BBs weight turned out to be serendipitous as that weight keeps the vase from tipping and sliding.

Anything that has the relative weight of the BBs can be used instead of the BBs. Aquarium gravel would look good and you could match colors if you wished.

I am pleased too that the markers are really pretty and look as if they were a bouquet of flowers in the center of my table.


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