Christmas Ornament Countdown: Cardboard Tube Snowflakes

Christmas Ornament Countdown
Glittery snowflakes from paper towel rolls.

Cheri: This is my second ornament in the Christmas Ornament Countdown. I like to work in paper and when I can use paper that was something else at one time, that makes it doubly good. These ornaments are made from paper and toilet paper rolls. They are really quite easy to make.

All you need to do is take the roll and flatten it. Then take a ruler and measure in ¼ inch increments. After that is done cut them apart with scissors, or if you have a large paper cutter you can use that. You will have several rings of cardboard. I like to start out with a flower pattern and work from there. You can bend the cardboard into any shape that you want and just let your imagination take over.

After I had them glued together, I spray painted them with silver metallic spray paint, then I sprayed adhesive glue and sprinkled them with glitter.

When you are faced with an empty paper roll, you may want to think twice before throwing it out. You never know what you can make out of it.

Christmas Ornament
Close-up of ornament.


22 thoughts on “Christmas Ornament Countdown: Cardboard Tube Snowflakes

  1. I make mini albums with them. Don’t know how to upload pics though…..I take toilet paper rolls and flatten, cover with scrapbook paper, punch a hole in one end and connect 5 of 6 with a key ring. Add ribbon to the ring and tags in the pockets you have created and vwoila!!!

  2. A lovely idea but Im afraid I think the instructions are lacking in what you actually need to produce anything as intricate as these designs are.

  3. I was wondering how you get the bigger rolls as some look quite big and how many you use for one of these Please Reply

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