Christmas Ornament Countdown: Beaded Glass Ball

Wow! Cheri’s Scrapbook Paper Balls are absolutely wonderful! Our different styles and how our imaginations work make this Christmas Ornament Countdown an excellent showcase for each of our talents.

I do a lot of beading and jewelry making so it became obvious that one of my ornaments for this Countdown would be a beaded one and since blue and teal are my favorite colors, this is the inevitable outcome:

Blue beaded glass ball.

I make the mesh first and start that with a collar of beads big enough to fit around the neck of the glass ball. Then I make the first long strand about 1/2″ longer than the diameter of the ball and then start the mesh. I add the draping beads last, working at a diagonal along the mesh, which also helps to reinforce your thread. Some glue on the knots and you are good to go. It does take me about 2 days to complete one.

I learned how to make these from that wonderful magazine Bead & Button. Every December issue they have an article about making beaded ornaments with a very informative how to.

Christmas Ornament Countdown
Beaded ornament top.

The ball is just a purchased one, I did not paint it, although I have done so in the past. I just liked the color of this ball and thought that it set off the AB beads (aurora borealis) quite well.

Beaded Christmas Ornament
Beaded veil ornament


Happy Holidays from Kristin!

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