Christmas Ornament Countdown: Scrapbook Paper Balls

Christmas Ornament Countdown
Simply elegant ornament made form scrapbook paper strips and floral wire.

Cheri: Kristin’s ornament was so awesome that I have to admit I was a tad bit intimidated by this challenge. Actually, this type of challenge really brings out the best in both of us.
My ornament was made with scrapbook paper too.

I cut about 35 strips of paper and pushed a hole in all of them on both ends. I then took some floral wire that I had and made a loop in one end, and fed all the strips onto the wire. I then took the very last strip and threaded it on to the other end of the wire and continued to do this until all of them had been put on.

I fanned them out into a ball, and made a loop in the other end. I really like to use scrapbook paper that has stripes on it because the pattern seems to flow better. So one down 7 more to go.

Christmas Ornament Countdown
The ornament hangs vertically with two balls strung together.
Christmas Ornament Countdown
Christmas Ornament Paper Strip Balls

53 thoughts on “Christmas Ornament Countdown: Scrapbook Paper Balls

    1. I have done this by using all of my old Christmas cards. I also use gemmed brads instead of the floral wire to hold them together.

    1. The strips on these are 1/2 inch wide and around 6 inches long. What is so cool about this project is all you really need to make sure is that they are all the same length, and that all the strips are the same width. When you put all the strips on the wire, you can experiment with how round you want it by moving the strips up and down the wire.

    1. Hi Beth,
      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I believe I used about 15 strips for each one of these ornaments. I have made some with more strips, but it gets a little hard to work with so many. I just cut a bunch of strips and start putting them on. I stop when it is nice and rounded.
      I’m glad you like them.

  1. What a wonderful idea. Will be trying this; but how long and wide are the strips of paper. Thinkong about stringing together to make a garland and add to it each year with cards. Thanks for the idea.

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