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Christmas Ornament Countdown: Scrapbook Paper Origami Stars

At the beginning of this countdown I wrote up a list of 8 different media that I wanted to use to make ornaments. I have now arrived at paper. I found this wonderful video tutorial for how to make 12-point origami stars and made with some pretty scrapbook these are perfect for holiday ornaments and decorations.

Origami 12 point stars made from scrapbook paper.

I have found after making them that I have a few suggestions. I originally thought to make these with Christmas wrap, but found that the wrapping paper is just too thin and prone to tearing to be practical. I did have some really pretty scrapbook paper in some excellent colors that was a heavier weight. Don’t use cardstock as it will not fold easily once you get to several layers of paper. Anything in between wrap and cardstock would work very well. I also recommend using something to press the creases down such as a bone folder.

Origami 12 point star made from scrapbook paper.

To hang these as ornaments from my tree, I am going to pull a thread through the star with a doll needle (a really long needle) and attach a hook to the thread. Voila! a wonderful ornament form the tree or just beautiful to set on a table as decoration.

Origami 12 point paper star.

Happy Holidays from Kristin!

Origami 12 point star made from scrapbook paper.


This post was edited to fix the link to the tutorial. The old link had disappeared and I was able to find a new tutorial on YouTube.

Happy Crafting,