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A White Scarf and a Cold

So, I have finally caught the cough/cold that has run rather rampant through my family. I think I was getting a little cocky when I didn’t get it over Christmas (when they all had it) and thought I was home free. So, other than an empty box of tissues, I haven’t made anything today. I thought I would take a couple of photos of my current project though.

It is an inside scarf. I have a VERY cold office and decided that I needed a scarf that I could wrap around myself. It is about 7″ wide and I haven’t yet decided how long it will be (I have 5 skeins, so who knows). The yarn is 100% alpaca and is just amazing. I mentioned the yarn in a previous post and at the time, I had planned to make a lace shrug out of it. A little ambitious for me, but a lace scarf is right on track. I haven’t done any real complicated crochet stitches, so this is a first for me.

WhiteScarf WhiteScarf2

The scarf is started with a double crochet foundation stitch and is then the Arch 11 pattern from a wonderful crochet pattern book I picked up at Half Price Books, Super Stitches Crochet by Jennifer Campbell and Ann-Marie Bakewell. I really like their book, the patterns are very easy to understand and for once, I understand the crochet symbols.

So, I have at least made progress on a project, and now back to bed.

Happy Creating and Stay Well!