Crochet Touché

So I got bit by the crochet bug about a few months ago. I have always done some crochet for years (one day soon I will blog about the best hotpads in creation), but this was something more. In the last few months I have made a couple of shrugs, have two in the making and have just started another project, the winter sweater. The winter sweater is a singular and wonderful item. If you can manage to find one in a store to buy, cherish it. I have not been so lucky.

I was inspired yesterday by this absolutely gorgeous Cascade wool yarn I found in this great yarn store, In a Yarn Basket, here in Bloomington, Indiana. It is Ecological Wool which is 100% Peruvian Highland Wool and I picked up four undyed skeins. As anyone who crochets know, you have to have quite a bit more yarn for your projects than knitters do, which can really hurt your pocketbook (I will show off my $100 Noro wool shrug one of these days too).This yarn is gorgeous and comes in 478 yard skeins. I hadn’t really thought about it, but that is a lot of yarn and I bought 4 of these skeins. I started laughing hysterically when the store owner brought them out after balling them up for me because man, those balls were huge!

Left - Cascade Pure Alpaca, Right - Cascade Ecological Wool

The other yarn in the photo is some glorious 100% baby alpaca also made by Cascade called Pure Alpaca and will make a wonderful lace shrug. It is a smaller weight yarn and comes in 220 yard skeins which is a more average amount of yarn per skein. The difference in the two cracks me up though. Here is a link to the sweater I am making, it is a Caron pattern I found from the Crochet Pattern Central which if you haven’t been to yet is a wonderful site (they also have a Knitting Pattern Central too) that has links to thousands of patterns across the web (only the free ones) all at your fingertips.

Caron Asymmetrical Jacket Pattern

Crochet Pattern Central 

I also have to showcase a YouTube video I found on a crochet stitch that I have just found out about. It is called foundation single chain and I really wish I had heard about this one sooner, but hey, sooner is always preferable to never.

Crochet Foundation Single Chain

The video is a good tutorial. I will have to post pictures of the sweater as I go. I am currently working on the collar and have a long way to go. Good thing it is still summer.


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