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Still Going Strong

For all you crafters out there, yes, we are indeed still crafting. We have been in the minor Christmas slump that happens for the first few weeks of the new year. We were all so busy with Christmas presents, and then family matters, that we needed a slight break.

However, there is still crafting going on behind the scenes. For myself, I have been working on several projects that just seem to be taking forever. I am preparing a preview post that I hope to post today or tomorrow to show you some of what I have been working on. In the meantime, here is a very cute photo of my two dogs as puppies to tide you over until I can actually get the photos processed and ready for blogging.

Photo of my two dogs as puppies.
Petey (Left) turned 4 yesterday and KC (Right) will turn 6 in April.

You can see what they look like all grown up here.

Happy crafting,


Pups on Parade


The shriner parade in Logansport was today and I thought I would spread the spirit out to the webiverse. Here are a couple of photos of my baby dogs, KC and Petey.

KC our sheltie slash border collie.
Just look at that fur!

KC is now 5 and is part sheltie and part border collie, that is our best guess anyway. We got him before we bought our house, while we lived out in Ellettsville. One day when we got home from work, we kept hearing this noise behind the house. There, up against the back wall of the house, was this tiny puppy, just shivering and miserable. Turns out that someone had dumped him, his mom and the rest of the litter in the neighborhood, then there was a big storm and they all got separated. One of the other puppy finders brought us all together once (five puppies total) and man, was that a really cute ball of fur reunion.

Our other pup, Petey, we, or rather I, picked up at the Bloomington Shelter.

Petey our part australian shepherd and part border collie pup.
Just look at that happy face!

He is 3 and is part border collie and part australian shepherd, again this is our best guess. I saw his picture online on the Bloomington Shelter website and sent it to Rob, my DH. He couldn’t believe how cute he was. Anyway, I left work a little early and snuck over to the shelter and was playing with him in one of their meet and greet rooms. While in there, I called Rob and told him where I was. In the background I heard him talking to his coworker, explaining what I was doing and his coworker replied “Congratulations on the new dog.” Anyway, Rob came over to meet the little booger and as soon as he walked into the room, Petey was ours. Anyone who knows my DH, knows that he curses a lot and his response was rather pithy because he KNEW that Petey was coming home with us. Not that this bothered him in the slightest, we had wanted two dogs, just that Petey was so frigging cute as a puppy.

So, those are our two noses. The pics were taken on our deck on one of the few tolerable days this summer while I was out there reading. I am in Logansport this weekend and miss them already.