Still Going Strong

For all you crafters out there, yes, we are indeed still crafting. We have been in the minor Christmas slump that happens for the first few weeks of the new year. We were all so busy with Christmas presents, and then family matters, that we needed a slight break.

However, there is still crafting going on behind the scenes. For myself, I have been working on several projects that just seem to be taking forever. I am preparing a preview post that I hope to post today or tomorrow to show you some of what I have been working on. In the meantime, here is a very cute photo of my two dogs as puppies to tide you over until I can actually get the photos processed and ready for blogging.

Photo of my two dogs as puppies.
Petey (Left) turned 4 yesterday and KC (Right) will turn 6 in April.

You can see what they look like all grown up here.

Happy crafting,


2 thoughts on “Still Going Strong

  1. Hi Kristin, I don’t know if you remember me or not. Cheri and I have been good friends since 3rd or 4th grade. We don’t get to see each other much anymore, but the minute we do, it’s as if no time has passed since our last visit. I will always adore her! I’ve had the honor of getting to travel a lot with her. Our most recent trip was to Jamaica in the mid 90’s. FUN!!
    The pics of your dogs are wonderful! Our neighbors (who recently moved… 😦 ) have an Australian Shepherd. His name is “Pooh-Bear” – all their pets were named after Disney characters. I sure do love that dog. He sure has personality!
    Keep up the great work!!! I wish I was as “crafty” as you!
    ~Sinerely, Karla Smith-Padfield :0)

    1. Of course I remember you Karla! I definitely remember when you and Cheri went to Jamaica. I’m glad you like the photos and that you are enjoying our blog!

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