Sterling Silver Hammered Ring

I have been slowly adding to my metalsmithing supplies and have finally reached a point where I am able to make rings (well, almost, I do not have a ring mandrel yet). I made my very first 4mm sterling silver, hammered ring today. As it is my first attempt, I already see many things that I can improve upon, but for a first try, it isn’t half bad, especially since it fit from the beginning. I did not have to make any size adjustments. I will have no qualms about wearing it until I make a better one.

Sterling silver hammered ring

After putting my photo lights to rest, I realized that the inside of the ring could have used some polishing and the outside could have used some additional polishing, but you get the idea.

I have had this idea for a ring for years. It is to be my anniversary ring. I thought that it would be much more fun to make one rather than to buy one. No, this is not it, but it is the first step in my plans. Now, I just have to practice making rings. It is going to be a fun year getting everyone’s ring sizes for Christmas presents next year!

Happy Creating!


3 thoughts on “Sterling Silver Hammered Ring

  1. I used 4mm low dome wire and bent it around a homemade mandrel. Then I soldered the join and pickled it. I filed the join smooth and began hammering it with a homemade ball peen hammer (small, rounded hammer head). I used a chasing hammer (again homemade, my father made me a lot of tools) to roll the edges of the ring a bit and that was all. Of course, for my first time, I ended up having to redo the solder join twice after using the hammer as my soldering job was iffy the first two times..

  2. I did not know there was a type of wire called low dome.(I knew about square, half round and so on). That seemed to have worked very well. Still trying to learn to solder myself. Nice project.

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