Display Ornaments on a Wire Garland

Loryn:  I have some beautiful vintage Polish glass heart ornaments (one of Cheri’s fabulous garage sale finds!) that I’ve wanted to display, but I’ve worried about breaking the delicate ornaments. My cats especially love to bat ornaments around. While I was working on my Two-Hour Christmas Decoration Crafty Challenge, I realized that the same technique would be great for displaying delicate ornaments.

For this garland, I turned the points down so that each ornament has its own “groove” to sit in. This keeps them from sliding around and bumping into each other. I used an inexpensive 18 gauge galvanized wire.

I hung it across the archway between my front room and living room, where it looks beautiful, but is out of the way.

I used a screw to hold up each end. For more detailed directions on how to bend the points, see the photos below. The entire garland took less than an hour to make and hang. Once the wire was formed, I hung one end and carefully slid the ornaments into place before attaching the other end. A second pair of hands is helpful for this part!

If you have delicate ornaments that you’re afraid to display, this is a fun way to get to use them!


Glass Heart Garland
Hang your precious ornaments safely.

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