Daily Squiggle

Daily Squiggle
Pink is a fetching color for a dog.

I drew this dog the other day after a lesson with Teri Partridge. I had shape, contour and shading but I didn’t have light. Light is coming from the top right in this drawing and I am amazed how it gives the dog more animation. Thanks, Teri.

I did most of this in colored pencils. I pushed the tongue to a deeper red by using a marker.

2 thoughts on “Daily Squiggle

  1. Lynne, that is so strange. Yesterday I had a lesson with Teri and I saw reflected light in person for the very first time. I never had a clue what she was talking about before. She turned the lights off so all that we had was the light from the windows and there it was. White paper under a beige china cup and the cup make the paper whiter with reflected light. We are learning so much from Teri a little at a time. I came home feeling like I will never learn it all. LOL! This is an awesome drawing. The shading is perfect!!

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