Christmas Ornament Countdown: Teeny Tiny Places

Christmas Ornament Countdown
Teeny tiny plastic terrariums.

Cheri: Teeny tiny terrariums are pretty fascinating places. Those little spaces made with very few items can evoke a whole world by what you see when you look into it.

These little spaces are really quite easy to make and once you have your materials, you can make several at once.

I love to buy things from gumball machines, not only do I like the prizes, but I think I like the containers the prize comes in even more. They certainly lend themselves to this kind of craft.

Gumball vending machine containers

Air dry white clay

Small piece of mirror or tiny glass


Small animals

Chenille stems

To start with make a hole in the container. To do this you need to remove the cap and hold the clear dome so you have the convex part toward you. I heated an ice pick to make the hole.

After I had the hole completed, I took a piece of wire and made a loop on one end. I threaded the end of the wire without the loop through the hole and made another loop on the outside of the dome and cut off the wire.

To make the base of the tiny space, I used the cap of the container. I glued a small bit of air dry clay into the base and squished the piece of glass, or mirror in the center. Then I took a piece of chenille (I used tinsel chenille) and cut it very small to look like a tree. I glued this into the clay.

I glued very small animals beside the chenille tree to make it look like a snow scene and let the bottom portion dry overnight. I do this to make sure that there is no shrinkage. After it dries I take a small paintbrush and brush glue over all the surfaces that I want to put snow/glitter on. Shake off the excess and glue the bottom onto the top. This makes it permanent. Make sure you use just plain old glue for this part. I used an epoxy once and melted the face off of a deer (kind of creepy).

And there you go, all done. The little ones would look great on a small tree and the one that is a little larger I made just to set on my desk. I really enjoy looking into it and feeling the mood of the season any time of year.


Christmas Ornament Countdown
Two deer at the water's edge.
Christmas Ornament Countdown
Swan on the lake.
Christmas Ornament Countdown
Close-up of snow scenes.
Christmas Ornament Countdown
The gumball containers are teeny tiny places.
Christmas Ornament Countdown
Teeny tiny places in teeny tiny spaces.

8 thoughts on “Christmas Ornament Countdown: Teeny Tiny Places

    1. I am a collector of stuff to put it in kinder terms. I pick up most of my items at garage sales, but I believe I have seen these at Hobby Lobby in their model train, miniature doll house area.
      I believe that Michael’s has them also.
      Good Luck

  1. These are great! I wonder how they would do in a clear round ornament. I still have two little glass ornaments (from when I was a child) that each have a tiny deer next to a tree.

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