Crafty Challenge Three: Incidental Matters…Anyone Can Play.

Crafty Challenge Three
The cup stands out but that lid is very interesting...

-Lynne: Craft challenge two is now over and it is time to think about challenge three. I had my moments with the last challenge. Having to work within limits that nearly excluded the basics of crafting such as glue and paint had me searching for ideas beyond the usual. Challenge three is a spinoff of challenge two and that search.

What if we had a challenge where the materials could only be those things that are incidental to a purchased item? This would be the things like the plastic bags that purchases come in, the packaging around your purchases, containers left after a fast food meal (not ones intended to be played with) and on and on. Unlike the last challenge glue, paint, staples and tape are allowed but they cannot be more than 5% of the finished item.

Therefore the rules are:

1. The materials used must be incidental to something you have purchased.

2. The materials cannot cost anything above the price of the purchased item.

Sisters and any others who would like to join in, start your creative juices flowing. Projects are due Sunday, November 6, 2011.

See our entries in the first two challenges here.

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