Daily Squiggle

Squiggle Snail
A sidewalk snail squiggle.

I used a combination of colored pencil and marker on this squiggle. It is another experiment with a scribble from someone else. This is one of Cheri’s. It is much more difficult to find a shape when starting from something so different from your own.


2 thoughts on “Daily Squiggle

  1. I love this. It gets you to do something different from a dancing figure. Although I do miss all the movement that your squiggles usually have. I think that’s sort of a trademark for you now. The movement you create.

  2. I have found that movement is what I am most interested in. The dancing figures give me a good feeling that is not the same from a static figure. I think this bears a resemblance to Cheri too.
    Thanks Mel, for your lovely comments.

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