A Different Scribbler Too

Scribbler Too
Growing Love

I love it when I am surfing the web and I come across a program that is almost too cool for words. A few days ago I came across a program that is called Scribbler Too. It is a drawing tool on the computer. I have used a few of these before because they offer a really exciting view into the possibilities of computer drawing. This one has become one of my favorites. It is easy to find and you need next to no instruction about it. You just start drawing. The program makes you feel like an outstanding artist and if you don’t like your drawing you can just clear it. I do have to admit that drawing with a mouse does take some getting used to but, the effort is really worth it because you end up with what I feel are some really incredible works of art. The drawing I am posting is called “Growing Love”, and I have done several renditions of it. I love to look at trees and I do really enjoy drawing them. This program is fabulous for that and I am able to get little bit of satisfying creativity off my chest. Try it, I can guarantee you will really love it.


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