A Clothes Garage Sale Weekend

We had very nice weather for Garage Sales this weekend, and it was what I like to call a “clothes” day . Occasionally, we are able to go to Garage Sales and buy clothes that we might like. Clothes sales are really great if the items don’t go over one dollar. Twenty five cents is pretty great, that way if they don’t fit or you decide you don’t like them we don’t feel so bad putting them in the Goodwill bag.

Garage sale finds
Some of the clothes we found this past weekend.

So our first few sales this week were clothes sales. We eventually got down to the nitty gritty though. Estate sales (true estate sales) have got to be the very best sales ever. There is usually a bunch of junk mixed in with the nice items and truthfully, I love the junk. I really like it when someone pulls out a junk drawer and you get to go through it. It is always best to be cautious though. You never know what may be lurking in the drawer, ie, razor blades, nails, tacks. Anyway, I have certain items I like to pick up.

Lately, I have been drawn to old TV tubes, (they really do look neat, almost like little vintage robots). Dresser hardware or cabinet hardware is another item I try to pick up, but it does need to be vintage and have a cool patina. Keys, I pick up most keys that I find. I also like to pick up little pieces of old toys. If the item you find is really greasy or dirty you can put it in a mesh bag or a dishwasher basket and run it through the dishwasher and if it gets destroyed you just throw out the pieces.

Now, if I ever figure out what I am going to do with the things I pick up and collect, I will pass that on, but for now, they just sit in jars and I look at them and dream.


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