No Crying Over Spilt Milk!

My best garage sale find.

My Fisher Price lunchbox
My Fisher Price lunchbox

My most fantastical garage sale find ever has got to be the small lunchbox barn that I found at a church rummage sale.This small little lunchbox offered me a chance to relive my youth and feel vindicated all at once. Double whammy.

I was rummaging in boxes when I spied something that looked a little familiar. As I picked it up things went swoosh. I’d swear it really was a swoosh. I was taken back to the kitchen of our house where we lived when I was  4, holding a toy lunchbox that looked like a little barn. It had the usual wonderful decals that marked it as Fisher Price, it was red and it had a little handle to carry it and inside of the top lid was a play thermos that looked like a silo. It was just too utterly awesome.

The first thing I did was take the thermos/silo out and fill it with milk, and put it back under its little hanger in the lid. I proceeded to go to imaginary work, on an imaginary construction site, until imaginary lunch. I picked up my little lunchbox and opened it. Was I ever in for a shock. My thermos/silo had become a gooey mess, the milk had leaked everywhere and I remember thinking in my little brain, “what did I do”? Things get a little sketchy after that, the silo was thrown out and milk had gotten on the decals.

As I flashed back to the present, (swoosh again) I picked it up and held my breath, I slowly opened it. Nope, nothing. I breathed a sigh of relief and silently forgave myself and every other kid who been silly enough to think they could keep milk in a cardboard silo. Needless to say, I snatched it up, and it reminds me of the simplicity of being a kid because seriously, if it looks like a thermos, It ought to be able to be used as a thermos.

Regular lunchbox versus FP lunchbox
Regular lunchbox versus FP lunchbox
No crying over spilt milk!
No crying over spilt milk!


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