Confessions of a Rock Collector

Rock collection
Rock collection
















I am a collector, and when I say collector, I mean collector. I love to collect things, such as rulers, hand mirrors, pins, old rusty latches, skeleton keys and rocks. You might laugh at the rock part, but that is truly the one item I have collected my whole life. I don’t know what clicks in a person to make them look at a rock and say “I really love that rock, that is one of the coolest, prettiest, loveliest, most interesting rock I have ever seen”. Since my very first rock I was hooked. I can look into a pile of rocks and find the one I really want, it is almost like it speaks to me.

In my elementary science class I had to do a rock collection, and I thought to myself, I have this one in the bag, or so I thought. It turns out that my teacher did not want to see my pretty rocks, he wanted to know the geological names of them. Talk about disappointment, I really thought I had found a kindred spirit with my rock mania. And really, I don’t care which part of the earth they came from.

I have since found a few people that share my rock fondness, but I do believe that we really are a rare breed. I thought maybe I would take a photo to show how I have displayed some of my prized possessions. So, feast your eyes, my fellow rock hounds.


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Rock Collector

  1. I love rocks too Cheri. I cannot stand up straight walking through my drive way for bending over to see the rocks. I especially love Geodes. But of course, you cannot find many of those around here. But the rock we got to go around our deck is filled with fossils and many other beauties. I share your love of rocks.

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