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Choosing Paint Colors

Loryn: Now that my hallway repairs are complete, I get to do the most fun (and sometimes hardest) part—choosing colors. The four swatches above are colors that I tried. The first is a gorgeous pale blue that looks wonderful in the can and not so wonderful on the wall. One of the hardest parts of choosing colors is that the location and light source makes such a big impact on the color. That color would probably look great in a light-filled room, but not so good in a dim hallway.

The second color is a very pale green that simply looked like dirty white on the hallway wall. The third color is a darker version of the same color. Again, it’s a beautiful color that looks too bright and overwhelming in a space that isn’t well light.

The fourth color is an old friend, as it is the color we used in Lynne’s living room, shown below. It is a blue-gray with a lot of red in it. It looks terrific in rooms with northern aspects, but it turns very icy in southern light. It also makes a fantastic background for paintings. I am planning to turn my hallway into a gallery, like this corner of Lynne’s living room:

And here is the color in my finished hallway:

It looks more gray than blue in this picture. I’ll take more pictures when I have the new lights in place, all the transoms open, and lots of paintings, photos, and prints on the walls!