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Side view of felt flower magnets.

Crafty Challenge 10: Felt Flower Magnets

So, we didn’t announce our latest challenge publicly, but we decided to make¬†magnets! I have still been having too much fun with felt lately and figured that what better material to use for my magnets.

Overhead view of all 18 felt flower magnets.
Here are all 18 magnets that I made.

I decided to make felt flower magnets and as usual, I giggled my way through the project. Something about felt is so much fun and is so enjoyable that I just laugh and chuckle the whole time. I think it is also one of the few materials that I can almost always get exactly what I imagined in my head created with my hands.

Side view of felt flower magnets.
Here you can see the depth of each flower magnet.

I bought myself a bunch of magnets from our local hardware store, Kleindorfer’s. They have everything! The magnets are wonderful and are just right for holding miscellaneous objects to my fridge. I used that wonderful crafter staple, Aleene’s Tacky Glue to hold everything together and the felt is just standard crafter’s felt that I have bought from Joann’s and Michael’s.

Side view of felt flower magnets.

I used Google Images with the search on “flowers” and made most of my magnets based on photos of flowers I saw there. I didn’t use any patterns for these flowers, just cut out shapes that fit the petals I was trying to create. Some of the flowers are just images from my head and an imaginative use of various petal shapes.

Top view of felt flower magnets.

I did go through the flowers afterwards and do some tugging and pulling to be sure that all the petals and stamens would hold well. I had to touch up a few places with some more glue, but I think they will stand up to regular use very well.

Top view of felt flower magnets.

I had a lot of fun with this project and cannot wait for the next one!

Top view of felt flower magnets.
I just love the chrysanthemum shape!

Happy crafting,