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Indiana Beach Taco Tables

Paper drink cups
I have a stack of these.

I spent most of my teen years working summers in the Taco Stand at Indiana Beach. We called it the Taco Stand, but the official name was Taco Tables. This was in the mid sixties to the early seventies. These paper cups were for drinks. I don’t know if you can see the scale, but they are small. Maybe eight ounces. I say this as I drink my large Diet Coke. No wonder drinks were cheaper then. I remember being unhappy when the drinks and the tacos went from 25 cents to 35 cents. We had to add everything in our heads and 25 was a lot easier than 35. I also remember envying the people who ran the rides. They didn’t smell of old cooking grease at the end of the day. And they were paid more. However, we did have free food. That was probably worth the smell and low wages.