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Pistachio Shell Animals, Whimsical Cards

Pistachio Shell Alligator
Pistachio shell alligators grin so you can admire their teeth.
Pistachio Shell Alligator
What big teeth I have!

-Cheri: About 15 years ago I discovered this wonderful nut, that for some reason I had very little knowledge about up until then. It was pistachios. Pistachios are extremely yummy nuts. I love them and really can’t say anything bad about them other than the frustration of the shell not being open enough on a few.

I love to eat the nuts but I also like to use the shells. The shells are these pretty little half clam shells. They have a woody feel to them and take paint, marker and glue really well. They are really a nice item to work with. When I first started making items with the shells, I would very carefully tease the nuts out of the shell to leave it whole and would glue them together to make little Mallard ducks. I would then take the ducks and put them on a pond I had drawn on a piece of cardboard.

After I grew tired of the ducks, I started looking closely at the pretty little ovals and started thinking about all the creatures I could make out of them. Thus, the creatures featured here were created. Eventually, I ran out of ideas. But the funny thing is that every time I eat pistachios I usually save a handful of shells back just in case…..

-Lynne: These make whimsical cards of all kinds. Eat some pistachios, collect the shells, grab your scissors, construction paper and markers and have some fun making your own creations.

Pistachio Turtles
Pistachio shell turtles sunning on an island in the middle of the river.
Pistachio Lady Bugs
Pistachio shell Lady Bugs looking for aphids among the rose leaves.
Pistachio Tree
Pistachio shell tree all decked out in autumn colors.
Pistachio Beetles
Pistachio shell beetles on a window screen dazzled by the lights.
Pistachio Spider
Pistachio shell spider working on a special web for Halloween.
Pistachio Fly
Pistachio shell fly zeroing in on a bread crumb.