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Cheap Tricks—Take a Tissue!

Loryn: Sometimes, you do something so thrifty that you’re amazed at your own cheapness. That’s just what happened for this cheap trick! I love this vintage mirrored tissue box, but it really irritates me that the tall square tissue boxes cost the same, with half the tissues. One day recently, I took a handful of tissues from one of the large bulk boxes, folded them in half with the folds facing the top, and put them inside my vintage tissue holder. Don’t stuff it full, and the tissues pop up perfectly! From the top, no one will be able to tell just how cheap you are!

Cheap Tricks: A Tray in the Hand …

A baking sheet makes a great tray
A baking sheet makes a great tray ...

This post kicks off a new series we call “Cheap Tricks,” little things you can do to save money by creative re-use and plain old frugality.

This week’s Cheap Trick came about when I needed a tray to carry my dinner. I love vintage trays, but they’re bulky and take up a lot of cupboard space. Enter my stand in, a quarter sheet pan. It’s just the right size, and the high rim keeps any spills contained. This one is a commercial baking pan from GFS. I’ve heard many serious cooks rave about commercial bakeware, and this pan was right around $6. They’re great for cookies, too! If you’re in the market, buy it from a restaurant supply store. They’re exactly the same as the ones sold in fancy cooking supply stores, at less than half the price.

If you’re wondering about my dinner, it’s a quinoa vegetable stew. Kristin’s quinoa dish reminded me that I need to fix it more often. I don’t really use recipes, so I just threw together some sauteed onion, canned tomatoes, a bag of frozen veggies, and a 1/2 cup quinoa. Healthy and tasty!