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Unfinished Projects


Cheri: A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to change the direction of my creative endeavors. I had read a few books about assemblage and decided that this was the art form for me. The definition of assemblage is: a)  sculptural technique of organizing or composing into a unified whole a group of unrelated and often fragmentary or discarded objects. b) a work of art produced by this technique. Kind of like collage.

I love assemblage, or at least I love the idea of assemblage. I have a lot of interesting pieces of junk I have been collecting for a long time and I really was looking for a technique to pull some of these items together. After a few failed attempts at what I thought would be a no brainer for me, I learned that it was not nearly as easy as I thought it should be. My unrequited love of assemblage has resulted in several unfinished projects, some cussing and in the end some truly satisfying pieces. Actually, assemblage is basically a metaphor for life. How fitting.