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Sunset Challenge, Indiana Dunes

Sunset on Lake Michigan
Sunset on Lake MIchigan, Indiana Dunes

Lynne: This is my first entry in the sunset challenge with photos from the Indiana Dunes. We made it most nights to the Lake at sunset. I took so many pictures that it has taken some time to sort through them. I have to remember the maxim: You can take 100 photos and have them all turn out bad.

I liked this one particularly because it shows the motion of the waves of Lake Michigan. I tried recording the sound of them but the low rumble that resounds in your body does not come through in my recordings. Perhaps you need all your senses, not just hearing, to truly know the dominion of such a body of water in motion.

Sunset Challenge: Dunes

Here at the Indiana Dunes, the DNR posts the sunset times on their big activity boards. Last night we went to the beach and, along with quite a few other people, watched the sun set at 6:52 pm.


It was really quite surprising how fast the sun went down. Within 15 minutes the beach was cleared of everyone but us.


The best photos of a sunset (in my opinion) come after the sun has gone down. The colors are much more dramatic then.


Mom took quite a few photos and I cannot wait to see how hers turn out.


My feet were getting cold so I sat on the sand while Mom continued taking photos. I declared this to be my space, Facebook was over there. (I apologize for the terrible pun.)