Beaded ribbon garland.

Christmas Advent – Day 4 Ribbon Garland

Good evening!

So, I have my day four Christmas advent project started, but as is my usual habit, I misjudged. I have a terrible tendency to completely underestimate materials and end up with way, way too much, or no where near enough. This time around, I have no where near enough.

I am going to give you a sneak peak and will post the completed project tomorrow after a run to Joann’s.

Beaded ribbon garland.
Beaded ribbon garland.

The garland is made from a gold bead garland and Christmas color ribbons. I cut the ribbons to four inches long and have tied them on to the bead garland. I had five shades of green, one red, and one gold ribbon. I mixed the greens together with two colors tied together and then red and gold pieces tied together. I am tying them between each bead.

The bad thing is that I have 396″ (yes, that is 33′) of gold bead garland and I have only tied about 78″. I have a long way to go. I don’t need to do the whole of the bead garland, but I would like at least 10′. So, official pics tomorrow, stay tuned!

Happy Crafting,


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