2 thoughts on “Sweet dreams. What a cat!

    1. Hi Mr Mcpuff.
      I just wanted to let you know that Link and Nettie (What a cat) started out as a 365 day project to see if I could make myself disciplined enough to do a creative project every day for 1 year. I have now been doing Link and Nettie for over 3 years on a daily basis. I have rarely missed a day. It is similar to doing a cartoon. Most of these drawings are done in under 1 hour. These 2 characters have become a part of my life, but I do admit to feeling stagnant at times for what or where to take them next, and I often ask myself if I have hit my limit with them. These 2 have been everywhere in the world and been everything and I joke about living precariously through them. I do wish that they were better drawn and it wasn’t so hard to come up with a new one everyday, but like I said this is a project about self discipline. I am very thrilled to see comments from anyone but I do admit that I am a bit perplexed regarding where you think I should take them next? Can you give me some suggestions about what you would like to see? Thanks again for your comments.

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