Breaking News! Shocking Project 365 Exposé!

Manny the Mannequin is Real Genius
behind the Link the Cat cartoon series.

Upon hearing the ping of incoming email, this reporter found an anonymous, ominous message with the subject “DID YOU KNOW! I didn’t know and I wanted to know and there it was; proof positive that Cheri has been putting her name on another’s work.

When confronted with the following photos, Cheri had no comment and refuses to answer this reporter’s follow-up calls. Shame on you!

Manny the mannequin drawing Link the Cat Escher Eye
A photo speaks a thousand words.

Apparently while Cheri folds her laundry, Manny the mannequin draws the Link the Cat series.

Manny the mannequin drawing Link the Cat Escher Eye
Proof of perfidy.

Forced to lie down on the job, Manny puts his best foot backwards.

Manny the mannequin drawing the cartoon Link the Cat Escher Eye
Manny and his nearly finished cartoon "the Escher Eye Link."

Manny refused to answer any questions being a mannequin of few words.

-This Reporter

1 thought on “Breaking News! Shocking Project 365 Exposé!

  1. Noooo! It just can’t be! What does Manny do; glue and unglue that pencil from his pointy hand to get it in the right position??? He would have to!! I just know it! That, or the scoundrel wants us to believe he uses a rubber band to hold his writing instrument in place and then he “doctors” the photo. …As if!! How gullible do those pieces of wood that compose “Manny” think we are??
    I have faith in Cheri. I have known the great artist since childhood. I would defend her genuine talent to the greatest of skeptics!! So there!! WOW! The paparazzi has ALOT of nerve!! ~Karla

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