2 thoughts on “What a Cat! Clean Up!

  1. Hey! Can me come to our house??? Link seems to be a worker…plus he’s CUTE!!! Our housekeeper was off last week, and we need Link!!
    I would have no problem cleaning, but Mom isn’t feeling well right now so I stay right by her side.
    She fell very early this AM. Thank goodness she was able to grab the doorknob! She ripped the door off of it’s hinges…AND tore out the door framing, however she’s doing well except for the wrist she used to tear out the door. For heaven’s sake! I’m sure not strong enough to tear out what she did. We are SO THANKFUL she wasn’t hurt worse! Love, Karla

  2. DUH!!! I meant “he”…come to our house~~not me. WOW!! I think I need to get more sleep!
    Ha Ha Smiling…

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