Rolled paper pendant made from Matisse paper.

Matisse Paper Bead Necklace

Rolled paper pendant made from Matisse paper.
I am so happy with how the pendant turned out.

Over the holidays, I visited Half Price Books with a specific project in mind. I wanted to make rolled paper beads. To do this, I needed a coffee table art book. (Yes, I, the bibliophile, was planning to desecrate a book.) My favorite artists are Picasso, Modigliani and Matisse and I was able to find a lovely Matisse art book. Flipping through it, I was able to find a couple of images that I liked. I ended up choosing Plum Blossoms, Green Background, 1948. It is a lovely painting and has these reds and greens that would show up really well in my beads.

Rolled paper beads wire wrapped to form a necklace chain.

I did manage to cut out the page that I had decided to use (it hurt only for a minute). I cut the strips and flags that I wanted and started rolling around a yarn needle and pin. I used Aleene’s Tacky Glue (that wonderful, all-purpose craft glue) to glue the ends of the strips down.

Rolled paper pendant.

For the pendant, I folded the 1/2″ strips in half so that the color could be seen from the front. I also covered the back of it with Tacky Glue to give it better stability.

Rolled paper beads wire wrapped to form a necklace chain.
These are 1/2″ strips of paper rolled straight.

I really liked the rondelles, but did not want them to go all the way around the necklace, so I made straight cylinders to finish out the necklace. I wire-wrapped all the beads, made a clasp and I was good to go. For the wire, I used copper coated black wire.

Rolled paper bead necklace.

This is just a study and is not meant to be worn regularly. I do like the pendant so much that I will probably make another one and coat it to make it more durable to regular wear. This process is so much like quilling, that I could probably use some of those techiques to improve my beads if I continue making them.

This is a huge step from the rolled paper beads we used to make as kids. You know the ones.

Rolled paper pendant.

Happy crafting from Kristin!

8 thoughts on “Matisse Paper Bead Necklace

  1. The pendant turned out so nicely. I would have a difficult time cutting up a book also. LOL. But that particular paper was a good choice. The black wire set it off beautifully.

    1. Thank you! I have made some more paper jewelry since this post. I will have to get photos of it and post it soon.

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