Crafty Challenge One: Spooky Spools!

Spooky spool challenge
The blocks spell "spooky."

Cheri: This spool challenge was a lot of fun to do. I think all of us had a really good time and our projects were all so different. For my spool project I decided that I wanted to do a Halloween project. That being decided, I realized that I wanted to paint some monsters on the spools and then I thought it would be so cool to be able to change the parts of the monsters  around. I spent a few hours painting the spools and then I had to decide what I wanted to display them on. I had picked up some old alphabet blocks maybe a year ago and they just had the right feel to them. I started working with the letters to decide what I wanted to spell and finally felt that “SPOOKY” was a very appropriate word. I drilled a small hole in the top of the blocks and then I cut 5 pieces of dowel. I then hot glued the dowel into the blocks. My son suggested that I paint the dowels black so they didn’t stand out so much, and voila!!! My project was completed. I think we all did an awesome job and I can’t wait to get started on our next project.

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Halloween spools
Halloween spools.
Spooky spool challenge
Count Dracula and his pumpkins.
Spooky spool challenge
Frankenstein with screws in his neck.
Spooky spool challenge
A zombie for a neighbor.
Spooky spool challenge
It's even spookier when they exchange body parts.


7 thoughts on “Crafty Challenge One: Spooky Spools!

  1. this is awesome and I haven’t stop thinking about making one since I saw yours. What size are your blocks? and what are your biggest and smallest spools? thanks

  2. Just in case anyone is wanting to make these as well…here is what Cheri emailed me:

    “The blocks were some old blocks that I picked up at a sale. The blocks are 1 1/2″ square.

    The dowels I believe are 1/4″, but they were another item that I had laying around. The main thing is to make sure they fit through the spools. I used a 1/4 ” bit and I drilled down about 1/2″.

    I used hot glue to keep the dowels in place.

    The spools were some spools we had and I am really not quite sure how they are measured, but I did measure the top of them.

    The smallest is 3/4″ across the top and the largest is 1 1/2″ across the top.”

    My friends and I are making these, but also making some for other seasons…winter=snowmen, santa, and reindeer, “nativity”, baby Jesus, Mary , Joseph, wisemen and shepherds. Some others we thought about were: love, irish, fourth, haunted, merry….oh the possibilities are endless. Happy crafting everyone.

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