Halloween Diorama

Halloween Diorama
It looks peaceful but a party is getting ready to erupt!
Halloween Diorama
Halloween Party!

Cheri: There is something about hidden picture games. I just have a great time trying to find hidden objects in pictures. I think that is probably why I am so drawn to making dioramas.

When I decide to make a diorama, I go through this process of thinking about what I would like to relate to someone. The piece must be relatively calm on the surface and a shocking surprise below. It must use very basic materials, like a box and cardboard, crayons, markers and glue.

When I decided to make the Halloween diorama, I knew that I wanted the surface to be a grave yard and what in my “wildest dream”, could possibly be going on under that surface. I spent quite a bit of time dreaming and thinking about what I wanted the lower level to look like, I also wanted some fun surprises, like the coffin in the back acting as a buffet table, or the ghosts that are transparent and seem to float.

When I make a diorama, I am able to connect with the child-like imagination I used to experience when I was a kid. That makes all the painstaking detail worth it.

Diorama back
The back of the diorama. Rest in Peace.
Skeleton dancers
The skeletons are happiest when shaking their bones.
Halloween diorama
The ghosts choose pumpkin-head masks for their costumes.
Halloween diorama
The ghosts are transparent so they can play above the ground without being seen. Unless they want to scare you.
Halloween diorama
Trees with ghosts and spiderweb decorations.
Halloween diorama
Side view of cutouts and how they are placed.
Halloween diorama
The other side view.

Lynne: I just wanted to add that this diorama is all Cheri’s doing. She draws and colors the pieces, cuts them out and glues them in. We’ve tried to do a lot of photos to show the amazing detail, but they are so much more in person. There is something new every time you look.

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